District Art Awards

CONGRATULATIONS To Madrona Students for Edmonds Art Festival Awards!

Each year, artist Lynn McManus looks through over 1,000 pieces of art and chooses one to replicate in glass. This year MA-22 “Penguin” by Madelyne Reinhart was selected! It will be presented during the Award Celebration Saturday during the Festival, but they ask that the festival please keep it on display for the entirety of the weekend. They will deliver it to our school the next week for keeps!

Additionally, Carlos Brown of SND will be receiving a “Top Honor Award” given by our jurors to students whose work they felt was exemplary. The awards will be given out during the brief 30 minute ceremony on Saturday, June 18 at 10am on the main stage (at the west end of the Frances Anderson Center’s field) so come by to support Madrona students!

Thank you!
Hillary Hubacker
Art Coordinator