Food Waste Table

We have exciting news to share! We now have a food share table in the cafeteria. The table will be located in the cafeteria and clearly labeled and monitored. We will start with fruit and packaged food such as granola bars. Students may place individually wrapped nut-free items that they do not want to eat. Whole fruit may also be brought to this table. Students who finish their lunch and are still hungry can simply raise their hand and go to the share table to grab an item.

The items that are not used by the end of the lunch will be brought back to the cafeteria and/or donated to the local food bank. We are still working out the final piece of the process. By having this share table, Madrona is going to be making a huge cut in its waste. We look forward to your partnership on this project and we need parent help to get this project up and running. Please email the Green Team Lead, Ms. Azim, at to find out how to be involved!

MIT Meeting - June 12, 2019 @ 7pm - Madrona Library