Lost & Found in the Cafeteria

Madrona’s Lost & Found is located in the cafeteria. Kids Krew, the before and after school care, uses the cafeteria, so it should be accessible from around 6:00 am to 6:30 pm on any school day. Whenever you have a chance please stop by to take a look.

Before winter, spring, and summer break we donate everything that is not claimed to Clothes for Kids in Lynnwood (www.ClothesForKids.org) that helps families in need in our school district, so please know that if you don’t pick up your lost items for a long time, it will be gone.

If there is a name (and center name) written, we’ll do our best to deliver it to your student’s locker. We’ll also try reaching you either by Facebook Messenger or your classroom coordinator (Thank you to coordinators in advance!). If there is a phone number written, we usually call to let you know. But if it is not labeled we cannot help you. We have seen some cool looking labels, and those items almost always go back to their owners!