General Scholarship Application
Overnight Camp Scholarship Application

Dear Madrona Families,

We want everyone to know that MIT has a scholarship fund to help families cover the costs of school supplies and a limited number of field trips. These funds do not come from the school district they come from the MIT budget. MIT has set aside a small amount of the Madrona Kids Fund, our annual fundraiser for this purpose.

Our teachers must collect funds to pay for the supplies they have already purchased or for the field trips they have planned.  They often pay out of pocket and later seek reimbursement. If the funds are not available, they absorb those costs themselves.  Any funds that centers are unable to collect have a direct effect on our amazing teachers and students. We understand that sometimes things come up that make it very difficult, if not impossible, for families to cover these types of expenses. We would never want any child in our community to be left out of an activity or event as a result of this kind of situation. This is exactly why MIT has set aside money for scholarships.

If you need help covering these costs please review the application and speak with your child’s teacher for more information.

Best Regards,
The MIT Board