Welcome to Madrona Children’s Theater!

Cast List is out!

A big THANK YOU to all actors and supporters for their preparation and hard work in auditions.  The MCT team can’t wait to see this show come to life based on all the amazing talent!

Drum roll please… Madrona JATGP Cast List. Please also read this Casting Letter from the creative team which offers their thoughts on the audition process. Please remember that while some people will be thrilled with the casting, some may need to process the information, so, please be mindful of that while celebrating. As always, please be sensitive when using social media. We want to build our cast based on respect and best intentions!

Our first rehearsal is Friday November 17th (4-6pm) and our full rehearsal schedule will be available very soon.

Stay in the know!

Join the MCT JATGP Facebook Group: We use Facebook to post important information throughout the production. The page is checked and updated frequently so it’s a great place to ask questions or find details!

MCT Newsletter: One the production gets going, MCT sends out weekly newsletters on Thursday evening to the email address provided in the audition packet.  Please contact Sara Pearson (sarabpearson@hotmail.com) if you do not receive it (but be sure to check your spam/junk folder first!).

General Information and Forms:

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Production Team Contact Information

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