Bear Scare is next Friday 10/27/23

There once was a BEAR that didn’t want to be SCARED. They knew the party was almost HERE so they remembered to sign up and VOLUNTEER! Helping with the games is so much FUN especially getting the chance to see EVERYONE! The little bear came to REALIZE it’s great to volunteer candy, toys or even cans for the food DRIVE! Let’s scare out hunger the little bear thought because we can do it together, why not!

Costumes are welcome but leave “weapons” at home. For example, if your kiddo is a Ninja, no swords, throwing stars…etc. Parents are welcome to dress up but must not wear a mask.

Please Remember to Volunteer or we will have to limit the number of games! You can simply sign up for a 30min time slot. (Edmonds School District) (Volunteer time) (Volunteer items)

The Middle School is hosting a “Treat Street”. Please volunteer candy for this event.

There will be a “Scare out hunger Food drive” this year so please bring non perishable food starting next week.

Don’t forget to order a delicious PIZZA too! All proceeds go back to MIT!

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