Bear Scare on Friday 10/27/23 at 6pm to 8pm

Bear Scare is this Friday 10/27/23 from 6pm until 8pm.

What is Bear Scare?

Bear Scare is Madrona’s biggest all-school party of the year! Featuring costumes, fun games, spooky (but safe!) decorations, cool music, a Trick-Or-Treat Street, a Pumpkin-Carving Contest, a cupcake walk, candy crafts, cookie decorating and fun, interactive activities for all ages, it’s a party you won’t want to miss! Plus, all proceeds go directly to MIT, which puts 100 percent of its resources back into programming for our kids.

How much does it cost to go to Bear Scare?

Tickets to Bear Scare are $6 if purchased in advance, and $8 at the door. Adults are free!

Can I buy tickets online?

Yes! Tickets and pizza can be pre-ordered ONLINE and held for you at will call using this link: (There is a $1 surcharge for online orders.) In addition, pre-sales are available all week leading up to Bear Scare, both before and after school. You can even buy from your car while waiting in line after school (before the bell rings)! In addition, you may download the pre-order form from (or pick one up in the office) and send it with your student to school, along with cash or a check.

Will there be food?

Pizza (cheese and pepperoni) will be available for purchase at a rate of $3 for one slice plus a drink, or $5 for two slices plus a drink. In addition, you may opt to purchase an entire pizza for your family for just $19 (gluten free available for $21). If you are planning to purchase an entire pizza, pre-ordering is STRONGLY recommended, but not required. Gluten-free orders MUST be made in advance.

What’s the parking situation this year?

Bear Scare attendees may use the entire main parking lot, the pickup lane, plus the bus lanes, which should accommodate the vast majority of Bear Scare attendees.

Can I bring a non-Madrona student?

Yes! Anyone is welcome to attend Bear Scare. In fact, one of the highlights of Bear Scare is seeing former Madrona students return to enjoy the fun, and to see current students introducing their non-Madrona friends to the magic of Bear Scare.

Is there a Haunted House?

Originally, Bear Scare was founded as a service project by Madrona middle-school students. While the event has since outgrown the middle school’s ability to staff and manage it, Madrona middle schoolers each year convert one room of the school into a spooky Haunted House. This year’s Haunted House will have a different spin, with middle schoolers creating a Trick or Treat Street to entertain younger students. Come check it out!

Is there a chance to make food donations this year?

Yes! Traditionally, the price of admission to the Haunted House or Trick-or-Treat Street has been a donation of non-perishable food to Madrona’s food drive, Scare Hunger. A donation area will be set up just outside the main entrance to Bear Scare. Bring some non-perishable items and help Madrona have an impact in our local community!

Can adults wear costumes?

Yes! Adults are not only allowed, but encouraged, to participate in the fun with an awesome Bear Scare costume. We only ask that your costume not include a mask that covers the face, to ensure the safety of our students.

Are there any restrictions on kids’ costumes?

Only those that are in line with school policies — in other words, nothing that includes insensitive language or offensive imagery, and no weapons of any kind. Ninjas, leave your swords at home!

I signed up to volunteer. Where do I go?

First off, thank you! It takes more than 100 volunteers to run this event, and every one of you are vital. Volunteers will be able to check in at the front door, where a sheet will be posted listing all of the volunteers’ names, times and positions (including, if you signed up for games, the specific game to which you should report). Please plan to arrive at your station on time, so that the previous volunteer can go enjoy Bear Scare!

I haven’t signed up to volunteer, is there still time?

You’d better believe it! In fact, we are still short in MANY areas, and may even have to cancel some activities if we can’t find enough volunteers to contribute. We need more volunteers to help with set-up, pizza, games, candy crafts, the Cupcake Walk, the Pumpkin-Carving Contest, and clean-up! In addition, we still need more containers of sugar cookies for the cookie-decorating station, more packages of cupcakes for the cupcake walk, plus prizes to give away at our games! PHEW! That’s a lot of open slots! Sign up today and help make Bear Scare a success:



I still have questions. Who can I ask?

Send any questions to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Or, ask below — we’re ready to answer!

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