Digital Yearbook Signing Pages

Digital Signing image#2. YEARBOOK DIGITAL SIGNING PAGES for: MADRONA K8 SOCIALLY DISTANCED EDITION * yearbooks are most likely not going to arrive prior to the end of the school year. Jostens, the yearbook publishing company, has also been impacted by closured and COVID-19. You keep your fingers crossed and we’ll keep you posted.

We are excited to announce that the Madrona’s yearbook signing tradition is alive and it’s fully digital to suit our socially distanced students. Jostens has just launched a new platform, Yearbook Digital Signing Pages! This is a one-of-a-kind web experience that provides students with a fun and interactive experience that results in a printable permanent keepsake. Every student in our school has the chance to create virtual signing pages, invite their friends to leave messages, and print out the final pages to keep with the yearbook as a permanent keepsake.This is free for every student whether they purchased a yearbook or not.

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