Madrona Water Day

Dear Madrona families,

We are so excited to share that we are having our first ever “Madrona Water Day” This event will be taking place on May 31st from 2:45-3:40pm. We are raising money to provide people in Ethiopia with clean water. This will be similar to a field day set up with tons of activities, local businesses, community members, etc. Our goal is $5000. If you would like your business to be a part of our event, let Ms. Azim know.

We have an EASY TO SHARE donation link attached to this email. Please watch the few video clip links attached in this email.


Please watch this video clip made by Middle School students giving you the information you need!


1st place fundraising “Principal of the Day” & lunch of their choice!

2nd place fundraising “Vice Principal of the Day”
The class who raises the most money= each student gets 3 throws to dunk Mr. Lewis/ Mr. Goodsky in the dunk tank.

We will be having a dunk tank at the event. If your student wants to try and dunk Mr.Goodsky/ Mr. Lewis that will be $5 cash for 3 attempts. All proceeds are of course going towards our $5000 goal.

We need your help: We need at least 20 parent volunteers for this event. Please email if you can volunteer so that she can plan accordingly.

Donation link: (please share on social media, with friends/ family) use these #’s when you share it to help raise awareness and create a domino affect.

#MadronaWaterDay #WeMovement #WeWalkForWater

More about the We Movement:
Videos about what clean water through We Movement has provided to families:

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