MIT is Accepting Nominations for Board Positions!

We Need you!What is MIT?

Madrona Integrated Team (MIT) is a non-profit, charitable corporation whose purpose is to support and enhance the experience of Madrona School students by sponsoring educational and related family programs, as well as enrichment activities for our students. It is similar to a PTA, but operates as its own non-profit and is not affiliated with the PTA. There is no fee to join; all Madrona students, staff, teachers and parents are automatically members.  MIT is run by an elected volunteer board of directors and is responsible for raising money for use in the classrooms and throughout school as well as for creating a community through events.

Want to be Involved on the MIT Board?

There are three MIT Board positions that are up for election this year. Each position is for a two-year term. All positions have the option for two people to co-chair, and newly elected board members will have assistance while transitioning to their new roles.

Board Positions

Elections for Parent Chair, Recorder and Vice Treasurer are held on even years and elections for Treasurer and Vice Chair are held on off years. Each office below is slated for a two-year term beginning September 2022 and ending September 2024.

Chair: The Parent Chair is the Chief Executive Officer of MIT (a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation). This position supervises all of the assets, business and affairs of MIT. The Parent Chair runs MIT meetings, makes decisions about where we spend our budget, gets involved with school administration on cross school issues, and ensures that MIT is supporting Madrona in furthering the education of our students.  This is a great position for someone who wants nonprofit experience and would like to get involved in how the school runs.  Time commitment: Approx. 5-10 hours per week

Recorder: The primary duty of the Recorder is to keep an accurate record of all meetings, typing meeting minutes and record keeping.  This position is great for an organized person looking for a way to get involved.  Time commitment: Approx. 3-4 hours per month

Vice Treasurer: This person deposits all incoming funds for MIT and creates a spreadsheet of the deposits for the MIT Treasurer.  The Vice Treasurer also helps maintain and update the MIT Square site to accept electronic payments. Time commitment: Approx. 2 hours per week

Want to Submit A Nomination?

Email to nominate yourself or someone whom you think would be great for one of the above roles.  Elections will be held via electronic survey in May.


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