Parking Lot Etiquette

It has come to our attention that parking lot etiquette needs to be addressed. Here are some reminders of how to safely use the parking lot at Madrona.

  • Enter and leave the lot with caution. There is a crosswalk that goes across our driveway and it is frequently used by walkers and bikers.
  • Drive slowly once in the lot, no matter what time of the day you are on the Madrona property. People come and go from our parking lot throughout the day. It’s important to use caution at all times.
  • Disabled parking spots are only to be used by those with a disabled parking pass.
  • The cones at the end of the lot will be moved to the side so drivers may circle around to look for a parking spot.
  • When lining up for drop-off or pick-up, please pull close to the car in front of you so as many cars as possible can fit into our lot.
  • DO NOT park and leave your car while in the drop-off/pick-up lanes from 8-9:30 and 3-4:30. This impedes the drop-off and pick-up traffic.
  • Traffic leaving the drop-off/pick-up line has the right-a-way over traffic leaving the parking area. Unless directed by staff, please follow the traffic signs.
  • Please keep traffic moving on the street. This may mean circling the block and coming back until you are able to pull into the parking lot.

Please keep in mind that we have a large deaf and hard of hearing community at our school. Help keep them safe by driving slowly.

Please be kind to volunteers helping in the parking lot. They are there to keep you and our children safe. If you would like to volunteer in the parking lot, please email Molly at

Thank you

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