Volunteer Program Manager Job

MIT is currently accepting applications for our Volunteer Program Manager. Responsibilities include:

Training and Supervising: Training and ongoing supervision of Classroom Coordinators; recruiting, training and supervising volunteers for academic tutoring (including modifying lessons based on individual needs of student)

Research and Development: Researching a variety of academic tutoring programs and how they could be implemented at Madrona (in school cross-age tutoring, tutors from the community i.e.: senior centers, high schools, community colleges)

Management: Managing volunteer paperwork by running background checks and keeping an updated list of volunteers who have cleared; managing Family Room resources by making sure shelves are stocked with paper and other needed supplies, and by keeping the copy machine working properly.

Communication: Recruiting volunteers via notes in BearFacts or Office notes regarding academic tutoring needs; Communicating with teachers regarding specific academic needs and ongoing progress of students receiving tutoring; Communicating with key persons from the community who are providing tutors for our kids; communicating progress updates at various MIT meetings.

Resumes will be accepted until May 3. Interviews will take place the first full week of May.

To see a full job description or to submit resumes, please email Molly Tobias at MITViceChair@gmail.com

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