March 2019: At this time we are not offering grants. As we settle into our new building, we will continue to assess our financials and keep open the possibly of bringing back this program. If you have a specific need, please email Molly Tobias at

This program uses accumulated surplus funds in the MIT account to fund small grants which improve the classroom learning environment for Madrona students.


  • Applicant must be a MIT member.
  • Funds are to be spent within one year of receipt.
  • A final report with receipts, photos, etc. is to be prepared.

Applications will be accepted until January 31st.  They will be reviewed by administration and a committee appointed by the MIT Board.

The readers will be scoring the applications based on:

  • Value (cost seems appropriate/other resources have been accessed, if applicable);
  • Scope (percentage of student body served);
  • Benefit (proven potential to improve learning);
  • Timeline (seems reasonable); and
  • Thought (time and consideration show).

Applications are available in the Family Room and Staff Room or downloaded here.