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Our Mission

The world our children inherit – the opportunities they have, the dreams they live depends upon the education we provide them. Our vision becomes their reality. To ensure this vision, each child must be given the best educational foundation our staff, parents and community can offer.

What makes Madrona unique?

There are several things, one of which is our multi-age structure.  Each primary class consists of first, second and third grade students.  Each intermediate has fourth, fifth, and sixth and our middle school classes combine both seventh and eighth grade students.  Why?  We believe that relationships between students and their teachers, as well as amongst a group of students are at the heart of learning.  Our students have the benefit of working with their teachers for three years.  Teachers come to know their students very well and each classroom becomes a true community.

In addition our classrooms (here we call them centers) are taught by two teachers.  Each child has the benefit of more than one teacher in addition to the specialists that work with our students.

Continuous progress K-8 is our goal for each of our students.  As a K-8 school we are able to continue strong, positive relationships with our students through their middle school years. At Madrona our emphasis is on “the whole child.”  We include character development and social skills integrated with our academics.  We believe that it is just as important what kind of people our children become as it is how much they know.  Together staff, students and parents are creating a culture of respect and responsibility.

Our parents and staff work in partnership to meet the needs of all of our students at Madrona.  We call this group MIT (Madrona Integrated Team) and every parent and staff person is automatically a member.  MIT does a tremendous array of things for our students including:  1)raising funds for many, many extras 2)providing enrichment opportunities that range from foreign language classes to sports clinics and arts classes and 3)coordinating hundreds of hours of parent volunteers in our classrooms.  At Madrona we live out the belief that “it takes everybody to educate everybody.” Parent involvement is a critical feature of our students’ success.

Madrona includes the north Puget Sound region’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing program grades P-8.  We offer American Sign Language courses and work inclusively with our DHH students and staff.


  • Student population – 650
  • Staff – 75+
  • Registered Parent Volunteers – 300+


9300 236th St SW

Edmonds, WA  98020

Phone – (425) 431-7979

Principal – Dr. Fabian Castilleja

Assistant Principal – Holly Zenz

How do I enroll my child at Madrona?

Edmonds School District has created guidelines for enrollment in Madrona which ensures equity of opportunity for students in our district.

  • Students and their family must reside within the Edmonds School District boundaries.
  • Interested parents must attend a Madrona Parent Information Tour.  These tours are offered four times a year.  You may call the school office (425) 431-7979 for the next tour date.
  • Siblings of current students are granted priority and are offered available positions before new students are enrolled.
  • The lottery is done in the school office by the office assistant.  In attendance at the drawing are the office manager, administrator and parent volunteer coordinator.  For the large kindergarten drawing in late January, other parents currently present in the building are invited to attend.
  • Students are drawn from the lottery for other grade levels for the following school year beginning in May.  The process allows each family five days to make their decision.  The process continues until all positions are filled – which may continue into August.
  • The number of students in the lottery pool varies from year to year with the highest number at the kindergarten and primary levels.  Due to bigger class size we do each year add students at the first and fourth grades and a few to our middle school.  Over 90% of our students remain at Madrona K-8.

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Parent Tours

To inquire about tours, please visit our school district Madrona site.