My Favorite Things

Hello my name is: Cassie Brickell

Here is a list of the things you might like to know about me.

Center or Job Title: sʔibəš Center teacher, please abbreviate as SB
Favorite Fast Food Place: mod pizza
Restaurant: whichever poke place is close to school near PCC
Coffee Place: I do not drink coffee
Grocery Store: Sno-Isle Food Co-op (in Everett), PCC
Other: gardener’s supply
Candy: white chocolate peppermint pretzels and other white choco-pep things, mango – fresh or dried
Dessert: reese’s pieces, brownies
Coffee: no coffee, please
Tea: fruit flavored herbal/non caffeinated tea to fruit flavored or spiced (like chai, cinnamon) green tea
Snack Food: regular cheese or spicy cheese pea-toes, last seen at QFC near salad toppings
Things I would like to receive for the class room or for hobbies I have are: Classroom always needs more books with diverse main characters doing regular book character things. I collect rocks and garden in and outside. I would seriously love a rock your child finds that they think is interesting/pretty.
Other Notes: Moss likes turkey tenders more than anything, he also enjoys other bird based treats (likes chicken the least) and rabbit based treats

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