My Favorite Things

Hello my name is: Kathryn Chin

Here is a list of the things you might like to know about me.

Center or Job Title: City Center
Favorite Fast Food Place: Dicks, Chick fil a, Jamba Juice, or Yi Fang (boba tea)
Restaurant: Katsu Burger, Mushashi’s, Jade Garden
Coffee Place: Starbucks, Top Pot, or YiFang (Boba Tea)
Grocery Store: QFC
Other: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mzjt6XcG2VJx-l0EEd1LWTeidHiHj2KUOsu_aIOHsVM/edit?usp=sharing
Candy: I don’t really eat candy, but I like Asian fruit like korean pears, dragonfruit, mangos, papayas, berries, etc.
Dessert: Gingersnap cookies, creme brulee
Coffee: london fog (earl grey tea latte with vanilla)
Tea: Jasmine, Genmaicha, Mint, Green Tea
Snack Food: pocky, hello panda
Things I would like to receive for the class room or for hobbies I have are: see gift list
Other Notes: allergic to pine nuts !!!

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