My Favorite Things

Hello my name is: Robert Allen

Here is a list of the things you might like to know about me.

Center or Job Title: Ohana Center
Favorite Fast Food Place:
Coffee Place:
Grocery Store:
Snack Food:
Things I would like to receive for the class room or for hobbies I have are:
Other Notes: The Coronavirus has taken its toll on everyone and everything we know as normal. Many families have lost loved ones to the virus and many have lost their jobs. I deeply appreciate the generosity and kindness that has always been expressed and shared by all of our wonderful families but I am requesting that you do not spend one penny on me! If you deeply feel the need to do something then consider making a donation to a food bank or a donation to your place of worship. The true gift is the honor and pleasure to have all of you as Madrona Families.

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