My Favorite Things

Hello my name is: Vicki Sargent

Here is a list of the things you might like to know about me.

Center or Job Title: Renaissance Teacher
Favorite Fast Food Place:
Restaurant: Gyro Crush near 164th and 99
Coffee Place: Ladro
Grocery Store: Trader Joes, Sprouts, PCC, and Costco
Other: Amazon or All Wound Up Yarn Shop: https://shop.allwoundupyarnshop.com/
Candy: Dark chocolate – I am sensitive to milk products
Dessert: Cookies
Coffee: Course Ground coffee for cold brewing at home. I don’t add anything to my coffee. Recently I have been buying ground coffee at Black Coffee in Shoreline
Tea: Good Earth Sweet and Spicy, Chamomile, Bengal Spice
Snack Food: hummus with veggies, popcorn
Things I would like to receive for the class room or for hobbies I have are:
Other Notes:

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