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Enrichment Class Application 2013 – 2014
Volunteer Paperwork

Guidelines for Enrichment Instructors

Updated Fall 2015

Plan to arrive by 3:40 pm at the latest.  This will allow time for set up as well as minimize parking complications.  Instructors need to be at their assigned classroom by 3:50 pm when the final bell rings.

Only students whose names appear on the roster should be attending class.  If there are any problems with or additions to the roster, contact the Enrichment Team/Class Host.

Instructors pay a per student fee for use of the facilities including insurance, and promotion of their classes.  The fee is based on the number of students enrolled as of the second class.  Attendees “comped” by the instructor are still counted for the fee.

Anyone on campus during school hours needs to complete Washington State patrol and Madrona confidentiality forms. Please leave time to sign into the office on your first day.

It is vital that we account for all students at all times they are on campus.  Please contact the main office at 425/431-7979 by 4:05 if a student has not shown up.  We will encourage parents to let you know about any planned absences prior to class and hope to have a parent host for each classroom to assist with these tasks.

Please ensure the room is left in the condition you found it.  The teachers are depending on you to return all furniture and classroom items to their original places.  All garbage should be picked up and tables wiped clean. Your adherence to these guidelines will ensure we have use of these rooms into the future.  Report any problems with the facilities to the Enrichment Team.

Bathroom Use
Kindergarten and primary students must be accompanied when outside the classroom.  Please use the buddy system at all times.

It is vital to contact the Class Host/Enrichment Team immediately if you are unable to hold class for any reason.  If it is the day of class and you are unable to reach your Class Host in person, call the school office at 425/431.7979.  We also need to know if you have arranged for someone to run the class for you.  Please note:  the replacement must have already completed and turned in their volunteer paperwork.  In the case of cancellation, it is the instructor’s responsibility to contact each parent in person by phone.

As a community we have agreed to a high standard of behavior, especially on campus.  Please feel empowered to remind any students (or adults) of the “Madrona Standard” if needed.  Ongoing issues should be discussed with the Enrichment Team.